Welcome to George Clare Surgery website. The surgery will be closed for Staff training from 12.30 on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Please DO NOT use the email to attempt to make appointments.

Patients are seen by the community midwife at The Children's Centre in Larham Way, Chatteris.

Clinics are held on a weekly basis. Appointments are arranged with the patient.

Our trained asthma nurses run these clinics which are by appointment.

The audiology team attends the surgery to screen children up to the age of 5 years. Please see your GP or Health Visitor if you feel a referral is required.

Clinics are held every Wednesday between 1.30pm and 4.00pm. A practice nurse gives the vaccinations. Child Health Peterborough automatically sends appointments direct to the patient.

Visit the surgery the second and fourth Friday of every month.  This is a drop-in hearing help session where NHS hearing aid users can get free batteries and hearing aid care.  For further information please visit www.cambridgeshirehearinghelp.org.uk or  call: 01223 416141.

To reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer, cervical smear tests should be performed regularly (unless indicated by the doctors) on women between the ages of 25 and 65. They are not routinely available to patients under the age of 20 years. If you are due for a smear test you will receive a recall letter reminding you to make an appointment, usually with a practice nurse.

The continence adviser visits the surgery once a month. Please discuss with your doctor, practice nurse or district nurse who can arrange a referral if necessary.

This clinic is held weekly by a practice nurse and attendance is by referral, invitation or appointment from your doctor.

A counsellor deals with a wide range of personal problems. Please come and speak to a doctor if you would like an appointment to see her. 

These are held regularly by nurses trained in diabetic care.

This weekly clinic is for patients on immuno-suppressant therapy. Appointments for this clinic are by referral or invitation.

These are held annually during October, November and December to offer vaccination to vulnerable patients. Please contact our receptionist team from 1st September for details of  clinic dates and eligibility.

All partners at George Clare Surgery are qualified to perform minor surgery. Any such requests must be arranged with a doctor.

The orthoptist visits the surgery periodically to check the eyesight of our younger patients. Appointments will automatically be sent to patients.

The practice fully supports patients who wish to stop smoking and literature regarding cessation is available. There are weekly smoking cessation service clinics which conform to national guidance on the use of nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation, together with in-house guidance. All patients wishing to stop smoking are able to access this service by referral from a doctor or nurse, or by self-referral by phoning the telephone support service 0800 018 4304.


Our practice nurses offer information, advice sheets and immunisatons for travel. If you are going abroad it is advisable to make an appointment with the nurse about six weeks prior to your travel date, to ensure there is enough time for you to be adequately vaccinated. Please complete a Risk Assessment for Travel form and return it to the surgery prior to your appointment. Click here to download the form. Some vaccines require two or more injections to give satisfactory cover. Please remember that not all immunisations for travel are available under the NHS, and a fee may be charged.

This is a voluntary group set up with the aim of making the voice of the patients heard by NHS Cambridgeshire, and to publicise issues of concern. The Alliance also aims to gain recognition for the residents of Chatteris and surrounding villages served by George Clare Surgery, and for equal rights with other Fenland towns as regards priority over allocation of funds etc. Open meetings are held every three months. The venues and dates for these meetings are displayed in the surgery, the library and various shops in the town.

For further details please contact the Practice Manager on 01354 695888

This is a local breast cancer support group based in Chatteris. Its aim is to provide understanding, support and friendship for women who have experienced breast cancer, whatever stage they are at, and to provide opportunities to share emotions and experiences.

The group has professional support from George Clare Surgery and the local breast care nurse specialists. The group meets 7.00 - 9.00pm on the first Wednesday of every month (excluding Bank Holidays) at the Quaker Way Community Hall, Quaker Way, Chatteris. For further details please contact a support group member:

Sue Dryden Practice Nurse 01354 695888
Gillian Foreman 01354 692302
Brenda Bunn 01354 691756


This scheme aims to promote and organise transport for the residents of Chatteris who find public transport difficult or impossible. It provides transport for a range of journeys, mainly local, but when volunteers are available and willing, any distance can be undertaken. There is a charge for this service, which can be contacted on 07944 814156.

Members of the community who are wheelchair users and are unable to transfer from wheelchair to car seat were, until recently, unable to use this service. To deal with this problem the scheme has recently acquired a fully adapted vehicle able to transport a person whilst in their wheelchair. There is also space in the vehicle for two or three passengers. The vehicle is available for hire by anyone who has a disability or by families who have a disabled member. For further details, or to volunteer as a driver, telephone 01354 692381.