Welcome to George Clare Surgery website. The surgery will be closed for Staff training from 12.30 on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Please DO NOT use the email to attempt to make appointments.

Baby Changing

Facilities can be found within the toilet block adjacent to reception and the main entrance porch.

Disabled Access

There are reserved spaces for the disabled in our car park. Wheelchair access is available at the main entrance to the building. If attending the surgery unaccompanied you can get help with the front door by ringing the doorbell, which is located near the front door letterbox. A toilet for the disabled is located adjacent to the main entrance porch.

Hearing Difficulty

Patients who experience difficulty with hearing may request the use of our Portable hearing loop. In order to use this you will need a hearing aid with a T-switch. Please ask when attending for your appointment.

Hospital Transport

To qualify for this you must live at least three miles from the hospital and have no other means of attending, i.e. you do not own a vehicle, do not have assistance from a friend or there is no available public or voluntary transport. If you suffer from severe physical or mental problems or are attending for treatment which has physical side effects you may qualify for transport. If you think you qualify, this can be arranged for the first visit only by telephoning the surgery on 01354 695888. All subsequent transport arrangements should be made at the hospital when booking your next appointment.

Sick Certificates

The patient is responsible for self-certificaton for the first six days of an illness, using form SC2 which can be obtained from your employer or from surgery reception. If necessary, after that NHS certificates will be issued by the doctor as part of a consultation. Should a sickness certificate be required for continuing sickness or following hospitalisation, this can be requested at reception. There is no need to see the doctor for this if an initial consultation has previously taken place.


You do not normally need a Doctor's certificate for the first 7 days of illness.  The Statutory Sick Pay regulations state that employers are required to accept self-certification notes (filled in by you) for the first 7 days of illness.  These are available from the Practice and your employer may also hold some.

Training Student Doctors

This surgery is involved in teaching student doctors from Cambridge University.  Click here to find out more about medical student teaching, and how it might affect you.